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CloudTech Solutions (CTS) is a business and technology services provider that helps small and mid-size companies and NGOs optimize organizational performance by mapping strategic goals and objectives to IT initiatives. Our strategic technology solutions provide powerful insight into your organization, help you solve mission critical problems and drive performance across the enterprise. That's why every system we develop begins by taking the time to define the true business needs, challenges and goals of our customers. It's this distinctive insight that allows CTS to find the right balance between people, processes, and technology that creates best performance and reaches strategic results through today's most powerful technology solutions. At CTS, our goal is to create efficiencies between your people, processes and technology by facilitating collaboration, and leveraging best practices to improve existing IT investments.


CloudTech Solutions (CTS) has an Advisory Board composed of a highly talented professionals, the members of this board has long years of expertise in a wide range of issues that touch the core business of CloudTech Solutions. The Management Team of CloudTech Solutions have direct contact with these professionals, and very frequently interact and consult with them on various issues and on constant basis which is enabling CloudTech to perform on the highest standards of the industry.


CloudTech Solutions (CTS) has a strong Management Team composed of 3 highly qualified executives that each has over 12 to 15 years of work experience both locally and internationally. The team has a combination of expertise in the IT field supported by a strong knowledge of the business environment in various industries.