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To drive ongoing success and growth, enterprises are constantly seeking out ways to gain a competitive advantage. This can take the form of various activities, from revamping marketing and sales processes and optimizing back-end processes to improving knowledge about customer demands and improving business agility.

We at CloudTech drive enterprise productivity by integrating their system together.

Cloud applications are not very valuable without access to the critical corporate data that is typically locked away in various on premise systems. So for cloud applications to offer maximum value to their users, they need to provide a simple mechanism to import or load external data, export or replicate their data for reporting or analysis purposes, and to keep their data synchronized with on premise applications.

On Premise-to-Cloud or Cloud-to-On Premise Integration

Easily send data from one local database to another Cloud application. Some popular scenarios include:

  • Send data from SQL database to online CRM application.
  • Create employee task when client open an online case.
  • Share On Premise data on smart devices.

Cloud -to-Cloud Integration

Easily send data from one application to another with Cloud-to-Cloud configuration. Combine two connectors by dragging data from one cloud application to another. Some popular scenarios include:

  • Send data from an online form builder to a CRM.
  • Create a lead on a CRM from your website.
  • Auto-post information to your company’s social network.